I think that the biggest adjustment I can make is one of attitude, and I think that goes for most cyclists.  One thing that happens with me is that I get really locked in an average speed – trying to push this up.  Closely related to this is that I’m also locked in on burning calories.  I’m always working on managing my weight.

In terms of the average speed, that pushes my “reaching for a goal” button.  I think that’s a good thing, but there are better goals, like consecutive days of cycling without an accident.  I need to be mindful of the goals I pick for my cycling.  Health and fun are the key benefits, but safety problems have a way of shutting those down, so safety needs to come first.

In terms of burning calories, the cycling calorie counters I’m familiar with calculate calories burned based on average speed and minutes cycled.  That’s a good enough approximation, but it has a few flaws.  One is that it will show cycling uphill as burning few calories than going downhill and I’m pretty sure that’s not true.  That calculation also penalizing stopping and restarting and I know that’s not reality.  It’s definitely more work to stop and start than to just keep moving.

So a lot of where I think I’ve gotten myself in trouble is by not adjusting to reality.  Reality is always going to make safety a pretty strong driver, at least for me.  Might be different if I was cycling for thrills, but for me it’s really all about health and just enjoying the feel of a nice ride.

Ok, a comment on the blog itself.  For the time being I’m going to pretty much write this in the first person and base it on my own experiences.  Hopefully this will reach some people and help them out.  It’s the only honest way I have to write for now, so it’s what I’m going with.


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