A Fake Fear

One thing about safety, you can make yourself safe from fake threats.  I’m human, so I’m afraid of things that I don’t need to be scared of.  One thing that really gives me the willies is biking across bridges, particularly big, long bridges.  I see myself going over the side.  It’s like my spine is locked over the ice and every breeze gets to me.  As it happens I have the same problem with driving.

Pretty sure that if I knew the stats and reacted rationally, bridges would be no problem.  The problem word there is rationally.

The answer her is to confront the fear repeatedly, and I can say this works.  We vacation in New Smyrna Beach and there are a few long bridges down there crossing the Inter-coastal waterway.  When I’m down there for the week and I’ve reached the point where I’ve gone over one of them about 3 times, the crossing gets much easier.  Funny thing though, next year it’s back full force.

Irrational fear really knows how to dig in!


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